Berlecon (Senior Analyst):
As Associated Senior Analyst for Berlecon Research I prepare reports which evaluate the potential of new technologies. I mainly cover the areas Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs).

<xmlcity:berlin> (Managing Director):
As <xmlcity:berlin>'s Managing Director I coordinate events and networking activities. In addition, I provide input for the website and for the monthly newsletter.

PinK (Coordination):
PinK (Plattform für intelligente Kollaborationsportale - Platform for intelligent collaboration portals) is a research project funded by the German Minsitry of Education and Research. I coordinate research and development, organise events, provide input for marketing, strategic development, and the website, and am responsible for the external representation of the project.

Berlin - Stadt des Wissens:
Berlin - Stadt des Wissens is an innovative eLearning project funded by the EU (EFRE) and the Berlin Senate (Projekt Zukunft). I am responsible for the management of the project, which includes the organisation of events, external representation, and networking activities.